What We Say Or Do Really Can Make A Difference!

Consider the case where two possible outcomes are equally likely (let’s call them + and -), much like flipping a coin and expecting the result to be heads or tails—a 50/50 probability. Now imagine you are only satisfied with one particular outcome (say given the chance for life or death you will only choose life). So you become disposed to reject one situation in deferral for another (plus over minus).

What if the odds were changed to 49/51? Or 48/52? Or 1/99? There are no guaranteed successes or failures. In truth even when prospects are bleak, a dire outlook can doom a vision by squelching hope.

On further examination, the boundaries we create exert influence over others. If someone you know has a cancer and you have said, “It must suck to be you” then what you create is an artificial restriction. Choose instead to increase freedoms. Build expectations for victory and encourage recovery from maladies. “I think we’re going to make it!”

Choose to be champions.

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Hang In There

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