Cease, desist, arrest, halt, stop, quit, give up, defeat, end, exit…

As a caregiver it ain’t ever over. What was that word used to describe premature truncation (early tie severance) of a worthy goal?

“Your loss is my loss. I feel your pain.”

But we’re not done. I’m not finished and you’re not beyond recovery.”

This is a PLEA FOR COLLABORATION: You can bet that nobody is ready for the unexpected. If something convinced you earlier that all hope was lost than perhaps you should question, “Why even read this?” Could it be that there is still a flicker of care for the future? I know I’ve got mine. I am grateful for this change, this GREAT ESCAPE!

So just get up and do it. Write to mlberg.caregiver.blog@gmail.com and I’ll reply eventually.  Make a Comment or leave Feedback on a post and I will respond ASAP. What can I tell you? It all depends on what you are asking.

You know, there is a reason for developing the ITN format to reach its philosophical goal of empowering the caregiver with resources to improve their delivery of care. If you’re regularly hearing, “Can’t get there from here” then it is time you took a different path.

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Hang In There

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