Unconventional Caregiving Methods

Would you still care even though the world did not understand your concern?

In essence, isn’t that how most caregiving already happens?

Let’s say that you or someone you know, a friend or a relative perhaps, had an experience where inadequate care was delivered–this shouldn’t be too hard to imagine. Further let’s say it happened but enough time, space, and consideration has passed so that now, with perfect 20-20 hindsight vision, you should be able to do something about it with clarity and resolve. After all this is where you link the future to the present and make amends for what is past.

Possibly no other living person (or at least very few) know the details of your deeds (or the misdeeds). It could be the case that you yourself don’t know the real reason for your actions.

If you can show love to the world despite its historical propensity to misinterpret, misconstrue, miscommunicate, and misinform then you are the rare caregiver indeed! A positive attitude will endear you to folks who are only partially “in the know.” It is difficult to not feel oppressed when many negative issues accumulate and seem to act against you. Deaths of loved ones, strickening of persons close to you with serious illnesses, unfair or biased treatments, and other maladies can all weigh you down. These can land on top of normal or routine setbacks (job change, loss, aging, etc).

Is there a problem here? What is the answer? Must you concede defeat or is there a way to reconcile yourself with the traumas in life?

The ITN program offers a chance to share a gained perspective. It is not a religion but if it were, it could be the means to a fitting end “In Their Names.” So for your God or for the Gods who live in the people you care for, act honorably with ITN.

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Hang In There

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