Would You Please Help Me Become A Better Caregiver?

  • When I get something (some caregiving attribute) correct tell me about it (reiterate)  so that I can figure out what was right and I’ll try to do that again.
  • If I made a mistake and I did something wrong (incorrectly) please recognize some good intentions get misguided and then strive bo be patient while adjustments are reached.
  • Should you recognize my communication skills are poor on a particular subject, please treat the matter as just one of many opportunities for improving exchanges.
  • Some traits are (seemingly) permanent. Reinforcing new, good habits is probably best and more effective than discussing old, bad practices.
  • Do not think of your present (nay, any) situation as “We’re screwed.” Instead recognize which end of the rope you are on and pull with all your weight.
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Hang In There

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