Change Of Focus: Let Us Talk About Giving Care

How can it already be time to walk the walk when we have not yet begun to talk the talk?

Academic pursuits are fine if you have a “command audience” (i.e. you command them to pay attention and they must listen to what you have to reveal).

Check out the differences in attitude which these responses display:

  • “It’s not ever going to get any better.”
  • “She has a terminal disease.”
  • “We’re doing the best we can.”
  • “Actually he’s in a lot of pain but we’re praying…”

(now add your own and others heard from within the community)

The reason for meeting others (to listen and participate as caregiving issues are being discussed) is so that you can say,

“From this point forward I will become a better caregiver for (specify whom).”

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Hang In There

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