Good Luck!

Everything’s going my way and then…(what happens?)
Why do we need safety nets? Why is our social fabric not immune to tearing, to disconnects, and to upsets?
Does “Good Luck” have anything to do with “Hang In There, It Gets Better” or are we just fooling ourselves?

We’ve got an important project to do but it’s going to take some work…from you all. What does this entail? In three words: Support For Caregivers. What will it take to reach this end? We’ve made it easy for you by applying inductive reasoning to the problem. If another person would step up and make a template for the Presenter’s Talk Outline (see ****ITN Instructions – Program files***** ) we can move forward again.

Basically you just need to write the outline for what a ten minute presentation should contain. Possibly these tips, techniques, and presentation guidelines from ToastMaster’s International will allay some fears: Public  Speaking Articles

Hope makes sense if you believe in help.

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Hang In There

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