No Story

Anonymous says:

I do not have a story. I thought for days about different people that I cared for in my career. I never felt personal success even though I could easily identify other people’s successes. Then I realized that caregiving is not about the caregiver and/or their feeling of success. It is only about easing someone else’s journey. You can celebrate when they feel supported or helped.
I also think about privacy. Any story I have belongs to the persons I have cared for. Say, the person who lost their forearm in an accident, could they see themselves in a story that I wrote? I believe so, even with circumstances/names tweeked.
I have decided not to participate. Please don’t ask anymore.
Your stories will come from the people who feel moved by your endevours. They will have a need to share their experiences. I do not.


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Hang In There

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