How Do You Feel Today? Are you ready for this?

Thanks for asking. Do you mean hearing about my journey, telling your story, or life in general? The answer depends largely upon how we are dealing with life’s variables. Try to look beyond irreversible circumstances, the sense of urgency for some of these (EG: passing on of loved ones) diminishes in impact over time. However others leave indelible marks on the psyche (EG: cancer battles, prison bruises, job struggles, etc) and these greatly influence us by shaping our perspectives.

The important thing is to remain flexible in life. That is the tricky part. Become impervious to upset by change (i.e.don’t freak out): “If it looks like rain then carry an umbrella or wear a jacket. And when we get wet–then so be it.” The fickleness of accommodating a “Que sera, sera” attitude might seem like having no backbone but irregularity leads to alterations and those accompany acceptance. In the wake of my Dad’s heart attack (when the cardiologist told him “flight not fight”) I heard the booming message: “learn to bend”. Does mindlessness in demeanor constitute giving up? Not necessarily … Do Not Despair! Most likely the “Perfect Life” is neither attainable nor a recoverable state. The New Normal can be healthy and should be pursued or embraced.

Our individual lives are really not so different. All are conceived and every one of us will die. Somewhere in between we gain experience through growth and decay. We know joy and heartache. We dream, set goals, and meet with successes or failures. Sometimes we learn through mistakes. The miracle of life happens when we give purpose to existence. Life is a gift which must be shared. I seek closure from the plethora of pent-up feelings which opened—much like serpent mouths on Medusa’s head—after trying to do the right thing. I felt singled out and isolated. But everyone knows some version of “Welcome to our nightmare: the club of patients, victims, survivors, and specimens!” Perhaps it is more like “Welcome to the club of champions, winners, victors, and contenders!”

We have first-hand exposure to “I don’t wish to get involved right now because there’s a good thing going and I don’t want to mess it up.” When people have an attitude that things “Suck (and then you die)” it creates turbulence in society. If people don’t empathize by choice they are often forced to share involuntarily in suffering. The dynamic of “It must suck to be you” is counteracted with “then it’s going to suck to be you too”.

So what should be done?Cherish your memories and live in the present.Be positive. Be happy. Put on a brave little face. Set goals to help others that are experiencing inhumane consequences.

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