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Weak Words: “It must suck”

Nobody will ever accuse me of showing perfect empathy. That’s because I rarely know what its truly like to be in the same situation under identical circumstances as a fellow human being. Wait: “It must suck to be you!” There, … Continue reading

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Hope, Emotional Awareness, and Prayers

No one knows the future yet all have a part in shaping it. Take stock in your internal (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) state. Define: How can I make a difference? I make a difference by finding peace. Who am I … Continue reading

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Legacy: Multi-Cultural Wisdom

We are not clueless  but we certainly don’t understand what is happening. Change what (more than likely) will become a meaningless contribution of the unremembered dead… into a legacy of care and hope for the future. Don’t be afraid of … Continue reading

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The Calvary’s Not Coming

Another powerful vocalization in Joby Talbot’s Opera is when Beck realizes that it is up to him to do his best – nobody else is going to do it for him, save his bacon, bail him out, etc. It is … Continue reading

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Because It’s There

Because It’s There – A reaction to Jody Talbot’s Everest Opera is not for everyone. I get that. But the November 19, 2017 performance of Everest by the Lyric Opera at the Kauffman Center made me realize that we are … Continue reading

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How Can I Make A Difference?

Write me if you want to toss around a few ideas. Dan Zeorlin <>

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Almost there

Do you ever make promises to yourself and then find out that you’re going to keep them? We’re almost there! There is hope for the future. Hang jn there. What does change hold? Doubt? Uncertainty? Fear? When is the right … Continue reading

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