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Pro’s AND Con’s

I received an email message with this heading: The 9 undeniable reasons you should upgrade your account today Can anyone give me a list of reasons for doing NOTHING? Oh, excuse me, I meant a list of good reasons … Continue reading

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Life is good

but when it is gone…?   Could life get any better? It could always be different. Would life be any better if say, when it was gone, somehow the memory of (your) life continued to exist? What if that memory … Continue reading

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I never beat Cancer

I never got cancer. My wife (who was coincidentally born a cancer) had breast cancer. I became her caregiver.  Me – a man who didn’t have a clue about lots of things. That made me nervous too. How could someone … Continue reading

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Regrets only

I’m sorry you had to go through all these stupid things. They’re stupid and they didn’t have to happen. I don’t see how they would ever make any sense. It’s not right. It’s just stupid. If I could give you … Continue reading

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Barriers Blinders Global unrest Imbalance Uncertainty Void, Null, & Waste Tricky Deceptive Elusive Peaceful Friendly Connected Robust Abstract Limiting Evasive

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Beautiful dear. Really lovely. Never seen one so keen! You wear them well. It’s an honor. I like that. Good lookin’!      

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Anticipatory Grief

I accept the fact that I was languishing over losing you. My rationale for investing time and energy into building a Caregiver support system stems from wanting to facilitate an  increase in care by helping the ones with the most … Continue reading

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