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Life is good

but when it is gone…?   Could life get any better? It could always be different. Would life be any better if say, when it was gone, somehow the memory of (your) life continued to exist? What if that memory … Continue reading

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You don’t scare me

You and your people FO, eat s*it, and die

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Missing you big time

The flood of feelings and emotions Washes over my body and throws me into remorse and denial Did I do enough? How could I do more? Sometimes life sucks Sometimes you get over i

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The helpless feeling sucks

It’s hard to be strong when loved ones are dying.

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What are we doing?

Just trying to make sense of life from our own diverse and unique perspectives. It will all be okay. But how does anyone know? There are (and have been) some incredible philosophical reasons put forth to rationalize the need to … Continue reading

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All will be okay

It is okay to pray. I am aging. It is okay to hope. I am afraid. It is okay to laugh. I am dying. It is okay to grow. I am  in pain. It is okay to love. I have … Continue reading

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Sweet Mercy

Have you accepted something as being “just the way it is” but continued to be hopeful, looking for a miracle, divine intervention, a change of heart – anything to help make the situation more bearable? Does this sound like the … Continue reading

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