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Suicide Dis-Encouragement

READ THIS: Do you wish to discourage suicide but not to encourage the contemplator “Proceed with suicidal tendencies”? BECOME BETTER CAREGIVERS Read this: (CMfM) Caregiver’s Manual for Men How sad to exist in a global society which focuses on … Continue reading

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Pro’s AND Con’s

I received an email message with this heading: The 9 undeniable reasons you should upgrade your account today Can anyone give me a list of reasons for doing NOTHING? Oh, excuse me, I meant a list of good reasons … Continue reading

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Beautiful dear. Really lovely. Never seen one so keen! You wear them well. It’s an honor. I like that. Good lookin’!      

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I’m just a man

I’m just a man that believes, when I can I should offer my hand to the weary and then a recovery plan for escape from the pain of acts – inhumane which we understand they encounter again and over again … Continue reading

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Never More Alive!

Take a chance to become joy-filled. Give your hopes space to be fulfilled. Be grateful for the future…even if it is just one day… Especially when it is uncertain. Change the time frame for when you will escape. Be encouraged: … Continue reading

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Whatever it takes

How can I prove my love for you? I have flaws. I am imperfect. I am weak. I know: Do whatever it takes to change and become a better person. I might never reach that goal but the outstretched gesture … Continue reading

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Fading Away or Changing Hue?

Isn’t life all about perspective? I want to encourage you to escape your self-imposed limitations. Now is the wrong time to complain about not having things that you never had. Now is the wrong time to complain about not having … Continue reading

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