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2056 Posts Later

Who keeps track? I certainly don’t. I guess that is a mechanical function thrown in by WordPress. I looked at my 7/20/07 post and now, 2056 posts later, I wonder: Were my prayers heard? Has anyone grown to become better … Continue reading

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Life is good

but when it is gone…?   Could life get any better? It could always be different. Would life be any better if say, when it was gone, somehow the memory of (your) life continued to exist? What if that memory … Continue reading

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Cancer Pocketbook

Three things that Cancer has done for me: I am grateful… I appreciate… I have grown…   Now you fill in the blanks.

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I’m just a man

I’m just a man that believes, when I can I should offer my hand to the weary and then a recovery plan for escape from the pain of acts – inhumane which we understand they encounter again and over again … Continue reading

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Linda the Beautiful

Thank you for the gentle reminder that I need your love. Thank you for blessing my life with challenges and accomplishments. Thank you for sharing your friendship and wonderful insight. Thank you for helping me to believe that life is … Continue reading

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Feeling kinda goofy

Does this make sense to you: I am soon to believe that because I did not create the problem, I do not have the same responsibility for finding a resolution as I would have if I were the sole cause … Continue reading

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Being watched: Do you grow tired of it? Pushed beyond pain, I lose my capacity to appeal for relief. “No Mas” becomes “¿Qué importa?” Do you ever put on a show or ruse to see if you obtain probable results … Continue reading

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