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I hope you live to see tomorrow I hope the joys outweigh the sorrows in your life I hope your future is as bright as your smile I hope you come home to a better world I hope your dreams … Continue reading

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The Dark Place

What happens if you don’t care enough? It might lead you into a lonely state where you become really sad. Why would you quit caring? It could be that you’ve become disheartened by distractions in the world. When does it … Continue reading

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Hope, Emotional Awareness, and Prayers

No one knows the future yet all have a part in shaping it. Take stock in your internal (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) state. Define: How can I make a difference? I make a difference by finding peace. Who am I … Continue reading

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Almost there

Do you ever make promises to yourself and then find out that you’re going to keep them? We’re almost there! There is hope for the future. Hang jn there. What does change hold? Doubt? Uncertainty? Fear? When is the right … Continue reading

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Hope: The Great Equalizer for Linear Thinkers

There’s no reason why one person should have more hope than another. But have faith! Hope really is good for the soul.

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Make it Happen

Accept the fact that it is (now) your responsibility. Don’t blame (accuse) anyone; rather figure out what you’re going to do and then do it! Make your appeal for help heard but do not despair when seemingly nobody answers your … Continue reading

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Common Thread

Common thread to giving care (all caregiving): FIND HOPE

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