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Will Others Remember?

Zany yet fun Intelligent and approachable S but S (soft/strong) Dear God, Help me to do your will. After that we can party. Advertisements

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Until further considerations are made, all future posts will be only those which reflect positive and upbeat attitudes.

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Life As A Caregiver: Fulfilling Existence

There are many reasons why elusive fulfillment escapes even the most fortunate of circumstances. Learn to be grateful.

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Which is most important? “Learning to live with yourself” or “Learning to live despite yourself?” I hope I haven’t led anyone astray. I believe we all make mistakes but despite those failings we are still good people. I tried to … Continue reading

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Psalm 67

May God Bless Us In His Mercy. Mournful; pleading. Grant Us Peace.

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Collaboration is for everybody

Some are good at determining what should be done. Others are good at figuring out how do do things. We can’t be both. We can’t deny a place for anyone. Everyone, listen up: We need to work together.

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Multiple Choice Meanings

Choose the answer that best describes a caregiver’s communication dilemma: A. Say what you mean.B. Mean what you sayC. Don’t say mean things.D. I love you.

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