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About “Us”

We need a Caregiver’s Manual (for Men). I became obsessed that this was the only goal worthy of pursuit. The resultant ITN program is a banner in my Plea for Collaboration. We need human interaction. Males are different from females…not in a … Continue reading

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Unconventional Caregiving Methods

Would you still care even though the world did not understand your concern? In essence, isn’t that how most caregiving already happens? Let’s say that you or someone you know, a friend or a relative perhaps, had an experience where … Continue reading

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Until further considerations are made, all future posts will be only those which reflect positive and upbeat attitudes.

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Free Lunch

What bothers me most? Free Lunch

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Table Of Shame; Seating Of Honor

To which do you aspire? Just Rewards or Awareness, Recognition, and Gratitude.  

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To Calm Calamity You Must First Be Still

Be Still. Spiritual life is very important to me. It should be to you too. Should be. A friend told me not to worry. An acquaintance told me they were impressed with my stamina. The truth is we all can … Continue reading

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Inspire An Entire Generation

The subtle part about inspiration is it can’t be its own end. We can’t tell people “Do as I say” when it is (sometimes painfully) obvious “Don’t do as I do” is the real message. “Do as I do” is … Continue reading

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