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Pro’s AND Con’s

I received an email message with this heading: The 9 undeniable reasons you should upgrade your account today Can anyone give me a list of reasons for doing NOTHING? Oh, excuse me, I meant a list of good reasons … Continue reading

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2056 Posts Later

Who keeps track? I certainly don’t. I guess that is a mechanical function thrown in by WordPress. I looked at my 7/20/07 post and now, 2056 posts later, I wonder: Were my prayers heard? Has anyone grown to become better … Continue reading

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Gifts of the Spirit

Mercy Grace Forgiveness

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Happy Holy Days

Wishing you all the best!

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I’m not superstitious. We rarerely get second chances.  This has been an emotionally-draining evening.  

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The helpless feeling sucks

It’s hard to be strong when loved ones are dying.

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What are we doing?

Just trying to make sense of life from our own diverse and unique perspectives. It will all be okay. But how does anyone know? There are (and have been) some incredible philosophical reasons put forth to rationalize the need to … Continue reading

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