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Why did we survive? How did we do it? One journey is over and another is begun. I am grateful. In hindsight I never lost hope. Grow through your stresses to recovery and beyond. Be strong in your conviction that … Continue reading

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Sweet Mercy

Have you accepted something as being “just the way it is” but continued to be hopeful, looking for a miracle, divine intervention, a change of heart – anything to help make the situation more bearable? Does this sound like the … Continue reading

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Would You Please Help Me Become A Better Caregiver?

When I get something (some caregiving attribute) correct tell me about it (reiterate)  so that I can figure out what was right and I’ll try to do that again. If I made a mistake and I did something wrong (incorrectly) please … Continue reading

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Until further considerations are made, all future posts will be only those which reflect positive and upbeat attitudes.

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What we’ve got can’t be taken away. It is not something on which desires are answered yet it is truly something! Most likely it won’t be lost or abandoned but of this we can’t be certain. In this awesome warp-speed age, how long … Continue reading

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Caregiving Is Link Dancing

Here are a few mental snapshots of responses to opportunities for caregiving: I think I’ll sit this one out. I don’t like that song. I’ll try it but I’m not going to be the first. I’m not good at this. … Continue reading

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As I am “Looking Back” at my transition to becoming a better Caregiver I wonder two things. First, what is it about Bat Guano that attracts remarks like “Thank you very much for contributing a best comment!” Who is on … Continue reading

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