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How Can I Make A Difference?

Write me if you want to toss around a few ideas. Dan Zeorlin <> Advertisements

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Better, not Bitter

Lord knows we all screw up.

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Give It A Rest

How does one know it’s time to give it a rest? If you’ve done everything worth fighting for and it’s still not good enough why keep on trying?   It doesn’t matter whether or not someone validates your effort, do … Continue reading

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Getting Better

It’s going to happen. It’s going to be alright It’s going to get better.   Trust me.

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Why do (it)? I am losing the will to do (it). If I did (it), it would be for what purpose?   Is this the way that I feel? Is this the way that you are feeling?   I can … Continue reading

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Linda Zeorlin

I accompanied Linda to treatment. Who was more terrified.  She…Me.. Or other receivers whose caregivers were visibly absent? Read this: Cancer Builds a Bridge Would it be beneficial for Care receivers to have a CMFM? They could make reference to … Continue reading

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Tough guy

Tough guy Wise guy Nobody knows what your repressed feelings and Lack of emotional support will contribute tothe health and well-being of others

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