Links to In Their Names (ITN) Men’s Caregiver Support Group program:

ITN Agenda

ITN Presenter Notes

ITN Facilitator Notes

ITN Program Coordinator Notes

ITN Directives and Misc. Notes

ITN Presenter Templates

Implementation and Development

Appearances can be deceptive. Some would say the ITN program isn’t developed enough to warrant widespread implementation. Others would say the ITN program needs widespread implementation before it can be developed.  The blanketed truth is that Men Caregivers need a different support system than what the status quo offers.

Face-to-face discussion forums could be best if everyone can bring certain tools to the meeting. Private, introspective readings (online, Caregiver’s manuals, etc.) might be better if no meetings are available or appropriate. So the plan is to start now and do something–anything–that appears to be an improvement. Little-by-little real data and information will be collected, synthesized, and applied as knowledge and wisdom.

The onus is on you to become a better caregiver. We’re just trying to support you as you help give care to care-receivers.


Hang In There

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