3 Charge

My dream is to facilitate the support of caregivers. I want to help those who help others. I can’t do it alone. Guess what? Neither can most caregivers. My vision is that through the use of templates (CMfM, ITN, MLBerg blog), others will be able to set the goal to share their expertise in helping. These templates are really just place holders. There is no “One way only” to give care. However, it is right to give one (or many) example(s) of the difference caregiving makes on health and wellness.

Mission: What makes MLBerg’s ITN blog different and unique? It is a site that assists with recovery in a non-specific disease arena. The content includes insightful material and strengthens the connection between caregivers and care-receivers. Face it: navigation is a problem for caregivers when they are thrust into situations beyond their controls and outside their comfort zones. MLBerg’s ITN blog creates space for enlightenment and for finding acceptance. In this manner people are encouraged to renew energy and support healthier caregiving relationships.


Hang In There

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