Linda Zeorlin

I accompanied Linda to treatment. Who was more terrified.  She…Me.. Or other receivers whose caregivers were visibly absent?

Read this: Cancer Builds a Bridge

Would it be beneficial for Care receivers to have a CMFM? They could make reference to specific examples and direct the attentions of their caregivers to those. Here, “be more like ‘this’ ” and “do ‘that’ ? If you will, “Put a communication resource at their disposal.”

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Tough guy

Tough guy

Wise guy

Nobody knows what your repressed feelings and Lack of emotional support will contribute tothe health and well-being of others

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And the award for best supporting…

I finally know I want to be

What others clearly failed to see

At peace denying self for others

Honor all: sisters and brothers


We’re not alone, we’ve understood

That choices made came bad and good

But there is truth to set apart

The rules of love if learned by heart


With hopefulness then shall we live

And care for others freely give

When next the charge is to recover

Champion, poet, minstrel, lover


Take me aside dear God

And help me to do your will





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I grew up the middle child of five (5) siblings. It is the middle of the workday for me, middle of the week. Presently I am not in the middle of any pressing concerns – certainly not in a mid-life crisis.

My future is far from clear. Should I endeavor to make something of my experience which will smooth out rough patches on the path for those yet to come? Didn’t someone already try to do that for us? What good are we if we don’t make things better than they are, were, or would have been?

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Dan Zeorlin

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Naive and Stupid

Hey Girl,

How’s it going? We are looking forward to visiting you again. How’s the crocheting? I’ve made good progress but there’s nothing to show for it. Hope your weekend was better than mine. Went to the store to buy some potting soil for my habanero and chili peppers. Forgot what else I was supposed to get (couldn’t find my list). Found the Miracle Grow soil all right.  When I finally remembered the OMEGA-3 pills (supposed to improve memory) I went to the vitamin part of the store where some idiot was there knocking things off the shelves. He threw a bottle and it hit me. Luckily my injuries were, as they say on FaceBook, only “Super fish oil”.

Anyway I got home to transplant the starts and learned that we already had a bag of potting soil. Found out it was open…the hard way – I lifted the bag upside down and poured dirt all over the carpet. So I got out the vacuum sweeper and sucked up all the dirt…plus the 27 rows of my crochet project.

But I finally got back to the peppers and finished potting them Saturday night. Sunday morning I went outside to leave for choir and I saw a damned rabbit about to nibble on the tender plants. I yelled and chewed it out (he just sat there) and threatened to hunt it down. Still the little bastard just sat there. So I ran after it and chased the MoFo out from the yard. My throat was strained and I was exhausted because of that hare-brain. I ended up being late for church too because I pursued him for 12 blocks to make sure he knew that I meant business.

Love ya lots, Dad

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Happiness is…

Happiness is a garden with Habanero and Chili peppers (l-r)

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I love you

Spoken or concealed

In many languages

Through varied times

Over miles and years


We journey together

Unable to separate intrinsic good

Love for you is a banquet

and I feast

te amor


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