Almost there

Do you ever make promises to yourself and then find out that you’re going to keep them?

We’re almost there!

There is hope for the future. Hang jn there. What does change hold? Doubt? Uncertainty? Fear?

When is the right time to give  up? Never? When someone else tells you?

Only  you should know.

But how delightful to hear an affirming voice, to have a positive influence, to know that someone (else) believes in you and wants you to succeed.

We can all be this person for others!

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Better, not Bitter

Lord knows we all screw up.

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Give It A Rest

How does one know it’s time to give it a rest?

If you’ve done everything worth fighting for and it’s still not good enough why keep on trying?


It doesn’t matter whether or not someone validates your effort, do the right thing and then give it a rest.

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Getting Better

It’s going to happen.

It’s going to be alright

It’s going to get better.


Trust me.

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Why do (it)? I am losing the will to do (it). If I did (it), it would be for what purpose?


Is this the way that I feel? Is this the way that you are feeling?


I can not communicate freely because it will be misconstrued.


Thank you very much.



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Linda Zeorlin

I accompanied Linda to treatment. Who was more terrified.  She…Me.. Or other receivers whose caregivers were visibly absent?

Read this: Cancer Builds a Bridge

Would it be beneficial for Care receivers to have a CMFM? They could make reference to specific examples and direct the attentions of their caregivers to those. Here, “be more like ‘this’ ” and “do ‘that’ ? If you will, “Put a communication resource at their disposal.”

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Tough guy

Tough guy

Wise guy

Nobody knows what your repressed feelings and Lack of emotional support will contribute tothe health and well-being of others

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