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Look through the portal at suffering people. Why can’t they get on board? We won’t all be leaving this place. Don’t rock the boat.

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Suicide Dis-Encouragement


Do you wish to discourage suicide but not to encourage the contemplator “Proceed with suicidal tendencies”?


Read this:

(CMfM) Caregiver’s Manual for Men

How sad to exist in a global society which focuses on merely treating the symptoms and not the cause of social ills.

Become part of the solution before it becomes a life-ending cancer.

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Pro’s AND Con’s

I received an email message with this heading:

The 9 undeniable reasons you should upgrade your account today

Can anyone give me a list of reasons for doing NOTHING? Oh, excuse me, I meant a list of good reasons to continue doing NOTHING.

Gee… That’t a lot like continuing not to recognize the urgent matter of developing a better support system for caregivers.

Sorry to be snotty. I thought that this vent was closed.

God help us.

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2056 Posts Later

Who keeps track? I certainly don’t. I guess that is a mechanical function thrown in by WordPress.

I looked at my 7/20/07 post and now, 2056 posts later, I wonder:

  • Were my prayers heard?
  • Has anyone grown to become better caregivers?
  • Recovery might be an option but Collaboration is one means to a good end.
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Life is good

but when it is gone…?


Could life get any better?

It could always be different.

Would life be any better if say, when it was gone, somehow the memory of (your) life continued to exist?

What if that memory is unpleasant?

No, I think that the only possibility (at least for me) would be to continue through contributions made as a great humanitarian. That way the life I lead now can feel better from knowing that I tried to lookout for future generations.

And if it turns out that there is more to it than that, it’s all gravy – it’s all good!

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I never beat Cancer

I never got cancer. My wife (who was coincidentally born a cancer) had breast cancer. I became her caregiver.  Me – a man who didn’t have a clue about lots of things. That made me nervous too. How could someone choose me to be their champion for so great a challenge?

I accepted the responsibility.

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