Weak Words: “It must suck”

Nobody will ever accuse me of showing perfect empathy. That’s because I rarely know what its truly like to be in the same situation under identical circumstances as a fellow human being.

Wait: “It must suck to be you!” There, I’ve said it. Actually I only regurgitated what is heard when dwelling amidst the negatives. Empathic connections are what drive people to do good for others.

“It must be glorious to be you!”

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Hope, Emotional Awareness, and Prayers

No one knows the future yet all have a part in shaping it.

Take stock in your internal (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) state.


  1. How can I make a difference? I make a difference by finding peace.
  2. Who am I now? I exist in the world. My world has a macro side and a micro side. What’s right with my world? What’s wrong with the outside world? Find balance.

The world takes on different structures at work, at home, in family and with relatives – develop survival skills. Learn when to have a “flight not fight” attitude, when to “Cry wolf” and when to “Fly under the radar.”

Oftentimes the world responds with a “Good Old Boy: System. Schedule and organize your desire; declutter your ambitions; know yourself.

I am an Engineer that loves family and music.

Do not despair. All will be well. Give it time.

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Legacy: Multi-Cultural Wisdom

We are not clueless  but we certainly don’t understand what is happening.

Change what (more than likely) will become a meaningless contribution of the unremembered dead…

into a legacy of care and hope for the future.

Don’t be afraid of change and

don’t be afraid to change.

Do not be afraid,

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The Calvary’s Not Coming

Another powerful vocalization in Joby Talbot’s Opera is when Beck realizes that it is up to him to do his best – nobody else is going to do it for him, save his bacon, bail him out, etc.

It is good when we realize this applies to everyone. If you want change, be the change you want to see.

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Because It’s There

Because It’s There – A reaction to Jody Talbot’s Everest

Opera is not for everyone. I get that. But the November 19, 2017 performance of Everest by the Lyric Opera at the Kauffman Center made me realize that we are not always in control and sometimes we can only play the hands we are dealt.

When Rob urges Doug (hold on, just one more step, etc.), he accepts fate’s twisted humor by giving care to a dying man on a frozen mountain. He even gains an opportunity to express his love to his pregnant wife and name their expected child. How’s that for power over the elements?

When I became Linda’s caregiver it was just as compelling as this: I had to give her my all – otherwise life would not be worth living.

Bravo Mr. Talbot for finding a way to express this condition.

Daniel H Zeorlin

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How Can I Make A Difference?

Write me if you want to toss around a few ideas.

Dan Zeorlin <mlberg.caregiver.blog@gmail.com>

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Almost there

Do you ever make promises to yourself and then find out that you’re going to keep them?

We’re almost there!

There is hope for the future. Hang jn there. What does change hold? Doubt? Uncertainty? Fear?

When is the right time to give  up? Never? When someone else tells you?

Only  you should know.

But how delightful to hear an affirming voice, to have a positive influence, to know that someone (else) believes in you and wants you to succeed.

We can all be this person for others!

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