Why ITN?

THE PREMISE: Medical practitioners and Social Workers aside, a care-receiver’s recovery is greatly influenced by the caregiver’s willingness to become better at giving care. Heightened urgency to give enhanced care behooves us to step up as confidants… protectors… and caregivers.

How do we encourage people, motivating them to spring into action? Discovery of (holding) shared values should entice participants to contribute meaningful aid. Thus the ITN Program originates as a response to the calling for all to become more selfless as caregivers, acting “ITN” for others.

Caregivers become increasingly more visible, needing support, guidance, and consideration. Needs multiply both for ourselves as we advocate the well-being of care-receivers and for those to whom we are charged with caring.

Society understands this dynamic but accountability is not uniformly applied. “It has always been this way”…but that’s not right. We must change. With the right kind of coaching would men become better caregivers if they acted “ITN”? Let’s find out.

Dan Zeorlin

ITN is an acronym for “In Their Names”. With ITN we can build a support mechanism so that men will choose to become better caregivers.

What needs to be accomplished? Form a community of support. Live more compassionately and love more actively. Is this only one effect (i.e. men being poor caregivers) of societal collapse? The root of the problem is deeper and more basic. I just hope that someone (somewhere, sometime – maybe even while I’m still alive) will understand the intent of this “MLBerg’s ITN” effort.

We can work together to add meaning for otherwise impossible situations. Insights which promote healing are necessary for reaching closure.

Don’t delude yourself: There’s too much shit in the world. Help a man achieve interior adjustment so that he can find compensation for enduring this egocentric abuse.

For background information on the ITN Program enter “ITN” in the Search pane in the upper right corner of this site.

Send an email to ****mlberg.caregiver.blog@gmail.com***** and volunteer to clean it up. If you can’t do that then what good are you to your neighbors, your children…for yourself?



Probably the most remarkable aspect of the ITN program right now is its focus: others can find value in this project.

For the Family Caregiver – just imagine: a serious, life-threatening condition suddenly manifests itself in someone you love. How do you react? How do you gain support and encouragement to maintain an enthusiastic reaction?

For the Caregiving Professional: You do what you can with the aid available. But you can see that much more needs to be done. What a relief it is to find a network of support which openly shares resources and provides you with motivation to enlist and empower everyone who is willing to help.

Keep up the good work!


It’s time to step it up. Be a man–stop pussy-footing around. If you’re not a male then forget about it. You don’t have to take this advice. But if you do want to make a positive impact in your life on someone that you love…then go ahead and change. Be the role model that everyone wants you to be.



Let’s turn this thing around:

Care-receivers generally fare better with their caregiver’s assurance that all will be well.

Care-givers need support too.

Strive to give better care and learn to be empowering to those in need.